Lemaire Channel

Photo by: Balan Madhavan, Senior Fellow, International League of Conservation Photographers | www.ilcp.com

“As a professional nature photographer,I have come across many amazing moments gifted by nature. However, on board MS Midnatsol, our vessel that took us to various locations in Antarctica last year, nature gifted me one of the best moments a nature photographer can ever dream of. It happened on the fifth day of our expedition to Antarctica,while we were cruising in the Lemaire Channel. At around 11.30 pm, the overcast sky opened up at the horizon… painting gold on the floating icebergs on one side. It was really magical and surreal to watch the golden painting by nature on these huge icebergs. It ismoments like these that make a photographer’slife worthwhile…”

(Lemaire Channel is a strait off Antarctica, between Kiev Peninsula in the mainland’s Graham Land and Booth Island. Nicknamed ‘Kodak Gap’ by some, it is one of the top tourist destinations in Antarctica.)

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