Situated in the village of Jamtara, near Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh, Jamtara Wilderness Camp is a part of the rare community of boutique hotels that believes in conscious luxury. Overlooking the forest, it offers 10 luxury tents in the heart of rural Pench, which sets the perfect background to this jungle experience. As you drive up to Jamtara camp, you feel the calmness that will surround you for the next few days of your stay, with lush jungles and the minimal use of concrete. The humble village is the perfect place for unwinding, relaxing and a little adventure. The vision of the camp was to move away from commercial tourism and explore partnerships between communities and animals. It uses tourism as a tool for conservation in the ever-growing conflict between man and animal. It is only when communities living around national parks understand the importance of saving India’s natural heritage will they act as guardians of the very wildlife you come to see.

Contact Details
Jamtara Wilderness Camp
Jamtara, Madhya Pradesh
Phone: +91 124 4062480, 81

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