Mumbai: Kerala is reeling under an unprecedented flood situation. Hundreds of lives have been lost. Crores of rupees’ worth of property has been destroyed. Recreating infrastructure, rehabilitating lives and rekindling livelihoods will take months.

Nothing has challenged our competence, character and commitment in ages like the recent natural calamity that has befallen us. And we are proud of the fact that we stood up to the challenge and fought our way to a second life. With personal sacrifice, immense risk, collective humanity and die-hard resolve.

State Governments across India have generously offered assistance. Crores of rupees have been committed by business houses and high-net-worth individuals. Salaried employees have contributed their wages.

Trade bodies, socio-cultural collectives and NGOs have gathered essential items willingly provided by hundreds of faceless patrons. Thousands have offered their time and energy working at the ground level, manning rescue operations and reaching relief materials to help those in need. Last but not the least, our armed forces have rendered commendable service as always.

#KeralaFloods have brought out the true spirit of Malayalis. Not a single political or communal skirmish has been reported from anywhere in the State in such trying times when tempers fly high. Malayalis have exhibited their spirit of collaboration and camaraderie essential to overcome tough times. All for one. One for all.

The downpour has subsided and the water levels are receding. But now starts the big task of rebuilding God’s Own Country. The efforts have to continue without respite and with greater resolve. One small step at a time.

The Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) is the best platform to contribute in whatever little way you can. Please log on to

Many travel trade bodies and collectives of tourism professionals across India known for also spearheading various humanitarian initiatives, once again wholeheartedly stepped in to make a difference. Financial contributions and truck loads of goods have made their way to the displaced in Kerala, thanks to your sensitivity and generosity.

But frankly the misery is immeasurable and the devastation unfathomable across the State. The path to recovery is going to be long and arduous. Your continued support is needed to rebuild Kerala, the destination you enjoy marketing, selling and/or coming back for holidays, again and again.

Please Help Rebuild Kerala

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