Mumbai: Marking the onset of a dynamic season of lavish Indian weddings in Turkey, The Turkish Tourism Board in India has announced that Turkey’s resort city of Antalya, which has become a frequent destination for Indian destination weddings, hosted four consecutive Indian weddings in April. Apart from this, there will be three weddings two in Istanbul and one in Bodrum in May 2019.

Antalya to host 4 Indian weddings in next two weeks | Istanbul to host 2 Indian weddings and Bodrum to host 1

Turkey has always been a popular destination amongst Indian travellers. For the last few years, Indian couples getting married have been enjoying splendid weddings in the summer breeze of Turkish resort cities and towns like Bodrum and Antalya. In last few years, the country has emerged as a key destination for Indian weddings. The Turkish Tourism board is now actively promoting Turkey as wedding destination.

The preparations, which started months ago, will be carried out in complete confidentiality. In addition to a Turkish crew, professional shooting and production teams, technical teams, cooks, and service and decorating teams will be brought from Dubai and India for the ceremonies. Performances, sound and light shows and activities will be held throughout the day for the weddings designed with tens of thousands of flowers will give guests an unforgettable experience.

“This is a good beginning and we expect the number of Indian weddings in Turkey to go up along with arrival of Indian tourists in 2019. We have been holding regular meetings with wedding planners & patrons in India and have been receiving regular enquiries. The wedding tourism market is huge in India and Turkey can offer everything that is needed to make a big fat Indian destination wedding memorable” says H. Deniz ERSÖZ, Culture & Tourism Counsellor, Turkish Culture and Tourism Office in India

The Turkish Tourism board in India is hosting regular meetings & sessions with wedding designers & wedding planners, florists, entertainment managers, culinary artists and designers, hoteliers that play a key role in destination wedding, introducing them to the plethora of options that Turkey offers for destination weddings.

Turkey is the home of unique nature, culture’ and deep-rooted historical and religious prestige, which reflects in its world heritage sites, recognized by UNESCO. It also offers diverse cuisine and entertainment options, along with world class hotel and transportation service and the popular tourist sites while drawing attention to the emerging trends of adventure tourism, faith tourism and the country as a trending wedding destination.