The South European nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has appointed Nijhawan Group as its India representative for tourism promotion, with effect from January 1, 2018. “With Indian nationals looking for newer experiences and destinations, the demand for relatively new entrants like Bosnia and Herzegovina is only poised to grow. It is an exciting time for outbound tourism and the Indian traveller will only benefit from this trend,” said Ankush Nijhawan, MD, Nijhawan Group of Companies. “We will actively work with the travel trade community to enhance the destination knowledge as well as help them in curating exciting itineraries for their clients as the country is a treasure trove of history,” he added. Dr. Sabit Subasic, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to India, remarked, “Bosnia and Herzegovina are widely visited by tourists from all over the world. From India, however, we would like to welcome more tourists since we see good potential in this market. Therefore, we have decided to develop a strategy and promote Bosnia and Herzegovina as tourism destinations for Indian tourists.

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