Mumbai: A visit to State Route 375 in Nevada, USA would be a dream trip for anyone who gets excited at the mention of ET life. Also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Highway, the route has gained notoriety for talks that revolve around aliens, UFO sightings, a top-secret government testing facility and terrain similar to that found on the moon.

This stretch of road runs parallel and extremely close to the borders of the Nellis Air Force Range’s top-secret Area 51. Many who have travelled this way claim to have seen unidentified flying objects and strange activity in the area, blaming it on alien activity.

In the past, a string of imaginative tales of the ET Highway and mysteriously secretive Area 51 have become mainstream, prompting countless books and television appearances even drawing in reporters like Larry King to rehash their experiences. The famous alien invasion Hollywood movie, Independence Day was shot here as well.

A thrilling string of unexplainable accounts is exactly what prompted this famous route to be renamed the Extra- terrestrial Highway in 1996. Aliens or not, with less than 200 cars travelling the route daily, the lack of human life on the ET Highway is a bit eerie. While it is normal to encourage people to get off the road and dive into adventure, it is wise to stay on the pavement and not venture too close to the border of Area 51. Armed guards will quickly advise you to turn around, even though Area 51 doesn’t “officially” exist.


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