Mumbai: Tourism New Zealand and creative agency Augusto have turned the world upside down in a follow-up to their viral #getNZonthemap video launched in May earlier this year. Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern returns alongside a visibly frazzled Rhys Darby, having been on the trail for the past six months to solve the unfathomable mystery of how a country similar in size to the UK could be missing off so many maps.

This time the duo is backed by world renowned director and fellow Kiwi Sir Peter Jackson who shares his theory with the world that New Zealand is closer than they think. In fact, it’s in the middle of the Earth. Prime Minister Ardern says, “I’ve loved seeing the global response to this campaign. With a little help from Sir Peter, my hope is that people will see New Zealand right where it deserves to be- on the top of their list of places to visit!”

Stephen-England Hall, Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive says, “Sir Peter’s involvement in the investigation was a natural connection given he is the man responsible for bringing Middle- earth to life. For a man who spends most of his time behind the camera, we are proud he felt passionate enough about our cause to join us in front of it!”

As a long-time friend of New Zealand, British rock star Ed Sheeran’s cameo is an organic next step from his recent tea and scones date with PM Ardern and close connection with Sir Peter, performing the sound-track ‘I see Fire’ on one of his epic Hobbit films.

“I love New Zealand- it stole my heart, and it feels bonkers anyone could miss it off a map,” says Sheeran.

Augusto Creative Directors, Matt Sellars and Rich Robson, commented, “After leaving the story in the last video pretty open-ended we had an overwhelming expectation for a follow up, so we had to find a way of bringing the story to a close, while also building on the success of the first content film.”

“It was great fun working with the brave brunch at Tourism New Zealand and led to the idea of pinning the evidence on a high-profile fan of New Zealand and ultimately redesigning the world map.”

The ‘Middle-earth Map’ illustrates how easily accessible New Zealand is due to increased flight connectivity across the globe. The campaign will be supported by Tourism New Zealand’s travel trade and consumer websites to help drive holiday bookings.

“The content addresses perceived barriers to visiting New Zealand, such as flight times and how easy it is to get around. It also promotes autumn and spring as the best time to visit, supporting our strategy to spread visitation across the year,” says Stephen.

The first maps video went global and resulted in media coverage that hit over $10 million in value. In the follow-up video, Tourism New Zealand is calling on the world to put New Zealand on their map, preferably in the middle.