Jordan: The typical tourist experience often consists of staying in hotels, sampling local cuisines and photo sessions at famous landmarks. But in stepped the game changers, Red Bull, as they sought to elevate that experience to new heights, and found the perfect place to do so: Jordan! Between its expansive canyons, stunning waterfalls and sparkling dunes- the terrain is naturally teeming with the spirit of adventure.

All that was left was to find the brave adventurers who could roll with the punches and go where few tourists have gone before: Say hello to Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, goalkeeper of the Indian National Football Team and the Middle East drifting star Ahmad Daham. Their task was but a simple one: To drift across the mesmerizing landscape, taking in the best of Jordan on their way to the Dead Sea: all in a special, custom-built car, witnessing the awe-inspiring sights from a completely new perspective.

The beauty of Wadi Rum may be breathtaking from 2,000 feet above the earth’s surface but the duo got to experience the finer details of its splendor up close and personal. Sand drifting across the landscape gets the adrenaline pumping in a way a hot air balloon ride just can’t do!

The next stop was Namala Road: This serpentine route has been used for centuries by the locals and has recently been refurbished and widened, considerably shortening travel time from Petra to Wadi Araba and the Dead Sea.

The two put it to the test: and it passed with flying colours as the Drift King effortlessly navigated the sharp turns and altitude changes with ease. And with that, the two had finally reached the Dead Sea- where they could take a well-deserved break in its therapeutic water.

To feel and experience this yourself, check out the video of The Keeper and the King in Jordan, made in collaboration between Red Bull and Jordan Tourism Board Click here to immediately get your wings!