Ajman: In line with UAE Vision 2021 and Ajman’s desire to create a happy society that contributes to the building of a green economy, Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) has launched the Modama Award in order to promote sustainable development in the Emirate.

The Award consists of nine categories aimed at the tourism sector, government organisations, individuals, suppliers, entrepreneurs and other segments that focus on the environment and sustainability in Ajman or other Emirates. Standards were developed based on international best practices in sustainability in terms of energy, water and resource conservation, and they will contribute to raising environmental awareness at the professional and community levels.

Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, ATDD Director General, said, “Sustainability is one of the main pillars of Ajman 2021, and the sustainability of the tourism sector is of great importance to the Government of Ajman. It is necessary to adopt sustainability standards to manage the consumption of our natural resources, and we will encourage our partners to adopt these standards and make them an integral part of their work. This can only be achieved by enhancing the awareness of all officials and employees in the hospitality sector.”

He added, “This award was launched to encourage hotel facilities, organisations and individuals to adopt the concept of sustainable tourism in the hospitality sector in the UAE and Ajman, and to recognise efforts to implement our wise leadership’s vision for sustainable development and the move towards a green economy.”
Through this initiative, ATDD seeks to build a network of interdependent institutions, initiatives and individuals that will work towards a safe and sustainable environment in the future.

On December 13, ATDD invited representatives from Ajman’s hotel facilities to attend interactive and innovative sessions in order to investigate challenges, opportunities and requirements and arrive at a clear vision. The representatives planted fruit-bearing plants in ATDD’s courtyard.

All tourism-related companies, hotels, resorts and departments in the UAE can register for the Award, which has nine categories: Green Hotel and Resort, Green Hotel Apartments, Green Integration, Green Future, Green Supply Chain, Most Environmentally Compliant Enterprise, Green Establishment, Green Personality, and Green Government Initiative.

Registration starts on January 2, 2019 on www.modama.ae. A panel of expert judges will examine the nominations and make the necessary recommendations. The winners, who will receive awards and incentives, will be announced during the award ceremony.

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