Yucatan: The Organising Committee of the Tianguis Turístico informed that, in light of the World Health Organization declaration of a global pandemic,which has forced various public and private organizations to take
drastic measures that complicate the execution of an event of this nature, and to ensure the safety and care of all citizens and Tianguis participants, as well as to guarantee its success, it has been decided to reschedule the 2020 Tianguis Turístico – proposed to be held in Mérida, Yucatán in March – to September, 2021. The event will be from September 19 to 22.

The official statement said:

“The people and tourism infrastructure of the State of Yucatán, hand in hand with the event Organizing Committee, have put their hearts, and much work and effort, into carrying out an historic Tianguis that is faithful to Mexican culture and roots. We appreciate the great responsibility that falls on our shoulders in hosting such an important event, held for 45 years to the benefit of the tourism industry family of which we are part as well as the millions
of Mexicans who depend on it for their livelihood, and we understand that this decision will cause setbacks, which we are willing to face in partnership with the entire sector. Eleven months of hard work have gone into preparing this event so longed for by all Yucatecans: months of improving infrastructure, innovating product, and training and convening the main players in the international tourism industry in search of the most successful Tianguis that has been held. However, political and economic developments over the last 24 hours directly affect the international flights of participants, including buyers from many countries around the globe, who had earlier confirmed
their attendance. Faced with this, we made the only decision we could that would allow us to guarantee the eventual success of the event and protect the resources of the more than 3,500 exhibitors that make this fair possible.
Without question, we are saddened by the decision and we appreciate your understanding in the face of a global situation that requires us to put the care of both Mexicans and all Tianguis participants first.”

“Over the next few days, we will continue to collaborate to facilitate, as far as possible, the necessary changes that result from this decision. We will be in ongoing contact with each participant, to ensure that the Tianguis Turístico 2020, on its final date, is even more successful than we had originally predicted. We are sure the September event will be a historic gathering that generates opportunities for investment and tourism development for the entire country.”