Mumbai: Giving holidaying a modern spin, Ezeego1, a leading online travel bazaar in India, has launched YOLO (You Only Live Once) Abu Dhabi to woo the affluent millennial travellers.

At the launch, Neelu Singh, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Ezeego1, said, “We are very excited to launch YOLO Abu Dhabi which aims to bridge a very important product gap in the market. The product range brings out the real Abu Dhabi to the forefront and gives an opportunity to see, feel and experience Abu Dhabi from a very different lens. Our robust performance in the past also gives us the edge and confidence to ramp up volumes for Abu Dhabi”.

YOLO Abu Dhabi offers a unique mix of packages, giving the travellers the complete freedom to customise their own holiday. The product range also features a mix of tradition and modernity, which Abu Dhabi offers. The product also eggs on the travellers to experience key attractions like The Louvre Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World and host of water sport activities including kayaking and the Yellow Boat Tour.

Besides, YOLO Abu Dhabi also recommends a host of interesting nightlife activities for the millennial traveller. Bejan Dinshaw, Country Manager, Department of Culture & Tourism, Abu Dhabi, said, “We not only liked the concept of YOLO Abu Dhabi but the structured plan of making this campaign a success is also commendable. YOLO Abu Dhabi presents the Emirate in its truest form, which is the ultimate and the best possible blend of our rich traditions, human possibilities and modernity.”

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