Mumbai: If there is one place in Switzerland that offers its visitors an experience that beautifully blends history, culture, cuisine, wine, music and visually stunning vistas that inspire awe and introspection, it is the Lake Geneva Region. Here are the region’s top eight experiences you must not miss on your next trip there:

1. Montreux – The creative, music loving traveller’s haven that is home to the renowned International Jazz Festival. Fans of Freddie Mercury can go see the legend’s monument and the Queen studio here
2. Lausanne – For the food connoisseur, this is one of the world’s leading gastronomic regions, well known for its line-up of star-studded chefs. It also has a quaint old-world charm and is home to the beautiful Cathedral of Notre Dame
3. Lavaux – With its vast green expanse of rolling, sun-kissed vineyards, this is a wine-lover’s paradise. The Chasselas white grapes grow here. The vineyards were named a UNESCO® World Heritage Site in 2007
4. Château de Chillon – Located in Montreux, this 13th century castle, that houses several medieval frescoes and Gothic dungeons, is on the list of most visited places in Switzerland
5. Chaplin’s World – This 14-hectare estate on the slopes above Vevey where Chaplin lived, is now a state-of-the-art museum that celebrates his life and work
6. Olympic Museum, Lausane – Celebrating global athletes and the history of the Olympic Games, this museum is home to the renowned Olympic Torch. It also hosts the hockey stick of Dhyan Chand Singh from the 1936 Berlin Games and the boxing gloves of Mary Kom
7. Golden Pass Line – The huge, spotless panoramic windows of this train give you sweeping views of stunning lakes, mountains and vineyards
8. Glacier 3000 – Do the Peak Walk over the high suspension bridge that gives you a spectacular view of the Swiss Alps. The glacier has the highest toboggan run in the world. It also has a snow bus that takes you for a ride over the glacier and a dog sled ride pulled by huskies

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