Macao: Macao is a vibrant city famous for its glamour quotient, history and blended cultures. It offers tourists a wide variety of cuisines, shopping experience and, of course, world-class accommodation.

This year, Macao will also be imbued with an exuberant atmosphere and cultural vitality that is bound to amaze tourists by providing them an unforgettable artistic experience. ‘Art Macao’ is a mega international and cultural art festival which will culminate in October this year. Art Macao features a total of 41 events held across 55 locations, offering a new cultural experience to tourists visiting Macao. These events include a number of international art exhibitions, performances, international youth festivals and visual arts exhibitions.

Art Macao features a total of 41 events, including international art exhibitions, performances, international youth festivals and visual arts exhibitions

Visual works of art by natives as well as foreign artists will be displayed at multiple venues, including exhibitions being held by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, hotels as well as foreign consulates. The large-scale art installations will also be displayed at various captivating and iconic landmarks which will enable tourists as well as the local people to view it through social media allowing art aficionados to feel the artistic ambience in all corners of the city and at the same time allow the artists to take their arts closer to the public as an integral part of their daily lives.

The Macao Museum in collaboration with the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum has organised a special exhibition titled ‘Reminiscences of the Silk Road Exhibition of Cultural Relics of The Western Xia Dynasty’ which showcases 148 pieces (sets) of archaeological relics. Another must-see is the ‘Wynn – Garden of Earthly Delights’ which features modern and contemporary pieces of art by the world’s most renowned artists like Herb Alpert and Edoardo Tresoldi and takes the public on a journey into a world of innovation through paintings, installations and digital art pieces.
This mega event brings a riveting cultural atmosphere to the entire city. Apart from the exhibitions, Art Macao also features a number of marvelous performances like ‘Under Siege’ by Yang Liping, a visually stunning and breathtaking new masterpiece based on an epochal tale known as ‘Farewell My Concubine’; ‘Thangka’ by Qinghai Nationality song and dance troupe and many more. The Macao Orchestra and the Macao Chinese Orchestra will present grand concerts during the festival.

Art Macao will also be hosting the 2019! Outloud Street Art Festival in the end of October which will see renowned street artists from all over the world gathering in Macao and unleashing their creativity in the vibrant streets of this city. The festival’s line-up includes large graffiti painting sessions, music, dance, DJ performances, car exhibition, game booths, food stalls and charity auctions.

As the main venue of the ‘Art Macao: International Art Exhibition’, the Macao Museum of Art showcases a number of valuable works selected by several hotels and integrated resorts which include paintings, ceramic works, sculptures and multimedia presentations, aiming at capturing the fascinating charm of contemporary visual arts in a diversified way. Each day of this spectacular festival is filled with exhibitions of photography, paintings and videos, performances galas and graduation exhibitions that cover cross-media, design and architecture.
So what are you waiting for? Head for Macao which is a visa-free destination for Indians and indulge your artistic senses at Art Macao.