Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Airlines has informed that the airlines is working closely with WHO, IATA and the Ethiopian Ministry of Health to ensure health and comfort of passengers in the wake of COVID-19.


This policy is applicable for all existing destinations across the Ethiopian international network (Excluding domestic flights within Ethiopia).


Change fees are not applicable to tickets issued anytime for travel from 01-MAR-2020 onwards until 30-JUNE-20. If there is a difference in the airfare or applicable taxes, due to the reissue/rerouting of the ticket, the additional amount will need to be collected. Customers can change their booking to travel on/or before December 31, 2020.


Refund permitted free of charge if only original flight shown on the ticket is cancelled.
Full refund can be made free of charge for travel dates between 01-MAR-2020 until 30-JUN-2020 by issuing a voucher of equal amount to be used within one year of issue.
If voucher is required to be refunded, applicable rule at time of ticket purchase shall apply.
No show fee will apply at all times except when flight is cancelled involuntarily by the airline.
The policy is applicable for both refundable and non-refundable tickets.


Rerouting is permitted by applying the applicable differences in fares, fees and taxes.


As the situation remains dynamic, our flight schedules may change at short notice to comply with regulatory directives or operational requirements. At all times, we aim to provide the updated information to our esteemed customers as early as possible.

For the latest notifications, please ensure that your contact details are updated by visiting Manage Booking. You can also check our website or Mobile App for the latest flight updates, rebooking and refund options.

For any inquiries on your flight reservation, please contact the nearest local Ethiopian office, our global contact center or your travel agency.

Health Screenings at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport

Medics stationed at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and carry out continuous health screenings 24/7. Our flight crew are also equipped with all safety equipment they need to protect themselves and passengers from possible infection.

Here below please refer information on travel restrictions due to the spread of Corona Virus within Ethiopian Airlines network.


Passengers from China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Nigeria, Egypt and Algeria are not permitted to enter the country


Passengers who have stayed in China, Iran, Iraq and South Korea for the last 14 days not allowed to enter BAH except Bahraini and GCC nationalities.

Passengers who have been in Lebanon, japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for the past 14 days shall require visa. No visa on arrival option is available.


Passengers from China shall be required to self-quarantine at arrival. There is no entry restriction.


All passenger from the China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Spain and all countries of the European Union and those who have stayed in these countries during 14 days preceding their entry in Burundi shall be quarantined for 14 days.


Hubei origin passengers are not allowed to travel to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai & Chengdu. Starting from March 13th 2020 at 00:00, anyone who has traveled or lived in Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan, France, Spain, Germany and the United States within 14 days before entering Shanghai and Guangzhou will be subject to home or centralized quarantine for 14 days.


Comoros decided not to let any passenger from any point in China to arrive into the country. Please note that the restriction is also applicable to Comorian citizens.

Congo Brazzaville

All passengers originating from China and arriving at Congo Brazzaville shall be kept under quarantine for 14 days


Effective 13th March 2020, the government of Gabon announced tourist visa holders from European Union and United States are not allowed to enter into Gabon in addition to the already banned countries of China, South Korea and Iran.

Equatorial Guinea

Due to COVID-19, the Government of Equatorial Guinea has closed its boarder and all international flights are banned from 15 March,2020 to 15 April, 2020. This can be extended based on the evolution of the crisis.


Chinese and Italian passengers shall be quarantined upon arrival.

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has banned travelers from Hubei province from entering and transiting the region in order to prevent the spread of Corona virus.please note that the restriction does not apply to residents of Hong Kong.

Passengers originating from Italy (Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto Regions, which covers Bologna, Milan, Venice and Verona ) and Iran shall be quarantined for 14 days.

Passengers who have been in France Bourgogne-Franche-Comte & Grand Est regions, Germany North Rhine Westphalia regions, Japan Hokkaido Region and Spain La Rioja, Madrid and Paisse Vasco regions in the past 14 days shall be quarantined in a facility arranged for this purpose upon arrival Hong Kong.


India has suspended e-visa to Chinese citizens and all passengers who visited the people’s republic of china on or after 15-jan-2020 will not be accepted and the already issued e-visa will no longer be valid.

Passengers from China, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Italy & Iran are not permitted to enter the country.


All passengers who have traveled to /transited via mainland China shall not be permitted to enter the county.

Foreigners who have visited or transited China, Iran, Italy and South Africa in the past 14(fourteen days) without health certificate shall be denied entry. Flight and Cabin crew are not exceptions


Effective the 21st of February, 2020 it is not permitted to enter into Israel for those passengers and Crew who had stayed in China; Hong Kong; Macao; Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain & France in the last 14 days.

Israeli nationals arriving from all countries under concern will have to go into home-quarantine immediately on arrival Israel.

As of 12/3/2020 at 20:00, all visitors who desire to enter Israel from everywhere worldwide, must attest that they can go into self-quarantine for 14 days. This cannot be arranged at a hotel or any other accommodation which is not a private residence.


Passengers from Daegu; Cheongdo-gun & Gyeongsangbuk-do regions of Korea & passengers from Hubei & Zhejiang provinces of China are not allowed to land in Japan


Kuwait has prohibited all passengers from entering Kuwait except Kuwaiti citizens and is set to ban all commercial flights to/from Kuwait effective 13th of March


Passengers from China, Hong Kong, Mcaco, Chinese Taiwan, South Korea, Iran & Italy are restricted from entering the country.


• Lebanese nationals and family members of Lebanese National who hold one of the nationalities from the above-mentioned countries and have not yet acquired Lebanese Nationality 01’ residency in Lebanon.

• Members of foreign Diplomatic Delegations from the above mentioned countries and working in Lebanon

• UNIFIL soldiers and officers from the above mentioned countries and working in Lebanon.

1. As per the attached official letter received from the Lebanese authorities, instruction has been given to stop all flights to/from Italy South Korea, Iran China (Hong Kong, Macau, Chines Taipei) for one week from the date of issuance of this instruction

2. And to stope transporting all passengers from and to the following countries: France, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Germany, Spain, UK. Exceptions: Lebanese nationals from the mentioned countries and have not yet acquired Lebanese nationality, Members of diplomatic delegations from the listed countries, UNIFIL soldiers and officers from the mentioned countries and working in Lebanon. All those who are exempted will be given 4 days until 16/3/20 included to return to Lebanon.


The Malagasy state has advised airlines not to transport passengers from China or transiting via china.

Furthermore, restriction not to transport any passenger transited or originated in the last 14 days from South Korea, Iran and Italy effective immediately is also imposed.


Passengers from Hubie, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces of China are not permitted to enter the country.


Chinese, Iranians, Italians nationalities are not permitted to enter the country except if they have permanent Omani resident permit.


Passengers originating OR transiting via China and the administrative regions of Hong Kong or Macau are forbidden from entering the country in order to control the spread of Corona virus.

In line with the presidential Directives all Domestic flights to/from Manila (MNL) is suspended.


All arriving passengers from China (excluding HKG) with final destination Doha will be subject to further screening measure by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). After having passed the thermal screening process, terminating passengers will be verbally interviewed by Public Health Specialists prior to going through immigration formalities. Subject to the outcome of the interview, additional surveillance and control measures may be decided including quarantine measures.

Egyptian nationals are not permitted to enter the Qatar due to corona virus.

Passengers from Bangladesh, India ,Iran, Iraq, Lebanon ,Nepal, Pakistan ,Philippines, South Korea, Srilanka, Syria, Thailand & Italy are not permitted to enter Qatar.


Temporary suspension of passages across the border for Chinese citizens, as well as Macau and Hong Kong passport holders effective 20th of Feb 2020 is imposed.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

KSA does not accept any Chinese national & any national originating from China to Saudi Arabia effective immediately.

KSA does not accept passengers from EU Member Countries, Switzerland, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Eritrea, Kenya, Djibouti, and Somalia.

KSA does not accept passengers with Umrah and Visit Visa.

Detail information (UPDATED INFORMATION)

1. Entry is suspending for the purpose of Umrah and visiting the Prophet’s Mosque temporarily.

2. Suspending tourism visa only for those passengers coming from the Peoples Republic of China which includes (Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao) as well as Iran, Italy, Republic of Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines, Singapore, India, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Somalia and Vietnam.

3. Passengers who had been in the Peoples Republic of China which includes (Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao) as well as Iran and those transited through these countries are not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia until 14 days later from their exit from these countries.

4. Aircraft crew of national or international carriers will be allowed to enter the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and they will be subjected for medical examination if it is required.

suspending flights to/from travelers coming from Sudan, Ethiopian, South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti & Eritrea after 72 hours from the date of the circular.


Passengers who have been in China (including the SAR), South Korea, Italy and Iran in the last 14 days are not permitted to enter the country.


All passengers who have traveled to China in the past 14 days and all passengers who have been in Daegu City and Cheongdo County of Republic of Korea cannot enter Singapore

Effective from 15 march 2020:

All new visitors with travel history to France, Germany, Italy and Spain within the last 14 days will not be allowed entry into Singapore, or transit through Singapore.

Returning residents (SCs and PRs) and long-term pass holders (other than work pass holders) with travel history to France, Germany, Italy and Spain within the last 14 days will be issued with a Stay-Home Notice (SHN).
Returning work pass holders (including dependents) with travel history to France, Germany, Italy or Spain within the last 14 days will be required to show the MOM approval letter to the airline staff at check in at the point of departure, and at the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) checkpoint upon arrival in Singapore, to gain entry into Singapore. Upon entry, they will be issued a SHN.


Passengers who have been in China (Peoples Republic) in the past 20 days are not allowed to Enter
Residents of Somalia who have been in China (Peoples Rep.) will be subject immediate Quarantine for a maximum of 14 Days.


Sudan(North) has suspended issuing of on arrival and transit visa to passengers originating from China and/ to passengers who transited via China.


Effective 1700 US Eastern Standard Time February 2, 2020, United States has banned any passenger who has been in Peoples Republic of China (PRC) for the past 14 days from entering the Country in order to prevent the spread of Corona Virus.

1. This restriction doesn’t include US citizens

2. Passengers from Hog Kong and Macau are not affected by this restriction

* Airlines may refuse transportation to passengers who pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others because of a communicable disease for flights to USA from origins determined by CDC as COVID-19 risk areas without asking for medical certificate.

Entry into the United States of all aliens who have been physically present in the Schengen Area during 14-day period prior to their entry in to the US is suspended.

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