Mumbai: Espit Chupitos, a very popular watering hole in Spain is all set to open in New Delhi in January 2019. Chupitos means shots and it’s a bar like no other. Started in 1989 in Callafel, Espit Chupitos now operates 26 bars across Spain and France.

The brand’s arrival in New Delhi marks its 30th anniversary. This is its first foray outside Europe. Nehmat Gill, managing director, El Pecado Hospitality is exclusively partnering with José to bring this to India. The brand’s launch was officially announced by the Ambassador of Spain to India José Ramón Barañano at their National Day Celebrations held recently.

“South Delhi, most likely GK (Greater Kailash) will be our first address,” says Nehmat. As at any Espit Chupitos outlet, there is going to be interesting lighting and very little seating with a lot of focus on the bar counter. The show/act for each shot is performed at the bar counter and it Is an interactive session between the bartender and customers.

With a menu of 680 creative shots, the concept is far away from the conventional fare on offer at a bar and guarantees a memorable and unique experience. Each of the recipes have been personally created by the founder, José Jesus Rueda Rojas, and comes with a surprise element that includes a variety of props, flavors, candies and dance. José also takes pride in designing each of the bars himself.

Unlike other bars, the crowd keeps moving spending maximum 60-90 minutes for 4-5 shots. This place is recommended for fun-filled pre-gaming before one decides to head out to a night club or lounge.

“The original menu is being brought to India and some of the famous ‘must try’ shots are Monica Lewinsky, Harry Potter and the Marshmallow one. Many shots involve fire too,” informs Nehmat who while pursuing brand management in Paris came across Espit Chupitos and was so impressed she decided to introduce it in India.

At Rs. 350 a shot involving imported liqueurs – 13 flavors in all created by the brand – and imported alcohol, it is quite easy on the pocket too, considering the stand out experience.