The Rose Red city of Petra

Explore the ancient city of Petra, one of Jordan’s national treasures and by far its best-known tourist attractions. The stunning vistas of the Khazneh (the temple of Indiana Jones’s fame), Theater, Colonnaded Street and Museum are all worth a visit. After lunch, climb to the Ad-Deir (the Monastery), Petra’s largest carved façade.

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Wadi Rum

Home to nomadic Bedouin tribes, Wadi Rum is a quiet getaway under the stars, sand, and sun; a perfect complement to Amman’s buzzing epicenter. Enjoy your evening in the “The Valley of the Moon”. The landscape beauty of Wadi Rum is best discovered when travelers get to go up in the air in a hot air balloon flight which gives them a bird’s eye view of the majestic mountains.

Snorkeling in Aqaba

Aqaba has rich abundant water life being right next to the Red Sea. Take a swim in the Gulf of Aqaba in the beautiful blue waters of the Red Sea with bright pink and red corals or explore the first Underwater Military Museum offering underwater enthusiasts 19 fascinating relics of battles.

Culinary Wonders of Jordan

The Jordanian cuisine can tantalize every one of your taste buds. Snack on Hummus, a dip made with chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and pepper or the other famous dishes that include Mansaf, babaganoush, Tabouleh, Mezze, Olives, dates, Falafel, Shawarma and desserts such as kanafeh and baklava.

Night Life in Amman

After sunset, Amman turns into a bustling city with a thriving nightlife. The city is lined with coffee houses, bars and restaurants; combined with the warm and friendly nature of Jordanians will make you fall in love with the buzz of the city.


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